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48 Hours After “Ghetto Love” By Wizkid Is Yet To Hit 1 Million Views – Is The Song A Flop?


Our Starboy Wizkid has always being a trend setter in the music industry and he has always lived up to expectation in every song he releases.

Wizkid left the music scene in December 2018 with no official single to his name and only returned 48 hours ago with a new release “Ghetto Love” which has been heavy criticised by listeners as below standard .

When Wizkid hopped on Brown Skin Girl with Beyonce , I never saw a single bad review from anyone but Ghetto Love seem to have started on a bad foot as there are mixed reactions to the song which has also showed in its low streaming numbers on YouTube.

At the time of writing this post, the video is at 910,651 views on YouTube –

With this number would you say Ghetto Love is a flopped song ?


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