Home News AKA Challenges Burna Boy As He Plans To Visit SA

AKA Challenges Burna Boy As He Plans To Visit SA


Despite his tweet two months ago that he will never step his foot in South Africa following his grievances on the Xenophobic attacks meted on Nigerians and other African nationals.

Nigerian superstar Burna Boy is billed to perform in a concert at Mzansi, South Africa for Africa Unite Fest. Rapper A.K.A has not forgotten his Threats and has dared Burna Boy to lay his hands on him in his country.

We can recall that Burna Boy threatened A.K.A swearing on Gambos grave that he better come with enough security or risks his life when they meet face-to-face.

AKA went on to dig his tweet and is ready to attend the Show to challenge him. Burna Boy is yet to respond to know if he will grace the show or not. Let’s fold our hands and watch what pans out.

However, a fan tweeted that A.K.A should bury the hatchet and seek peace which he obliged but insisted he has to apologize for dragging his name to disrepute.

We can also recall back in 2014 when the going was good between them, they had a collaboration together alongside DA L.E.S on all ‘Eyes On Me’.


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